Bayville Holiday Apartment
"Our Apartment is Clean, Comfortable and 
Conveniently located".

"Our Apartment is Clean, Comfortable and Conveniently Located"

Promoting Service and Business Excellence

Bayville Holiday Apartment recently obtained Hospitality Assured Certification.  This certification attests to the fact that Bayville provides a high standard of service and business excellence to its customers on an ongoing basis.  Under the Hospitality Assured Certification Programme, a nine (9) step framework was created by the Institute of Hospitality (UK) specifically for the Tourism and Hospitality sector to improve service quality.  The Tourism Development Company's STAR Unit (Service, Training, Attitude, Respect) executed the program, which was licensed for use by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO).

Bayville Holiday Apartment get STAR Certification

Caribbean Hospitality Assured Certification



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